Brief Portrait | Andreas Beseler

Bike instead of wheelchair – Andreas Beseler 'Besi' was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1992. He already had a prescription for a wheelchair and was only able to walk with a cane anymore. With the help of a friend he found his passion that was to become his therapy as well: sports and particularly biking. Despite suffering from MS, 'Besi' has been regularly and successfully competing in RTFs, Transalp and bike marathon events ever since. In 2014, Besi & friends rode from Frankfurt to Barcelona. Storck Bicycle is pleased to be able to support this impressive athlete with the Aernario G1 and the MTB Rebel Nine.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live and ride my bike based on the motto: ´BIKE INSTEAD OF WHEELCHAIR´. The bike has been helping me stay mobile and agile, and having had relatively good control of my illness up to now.

What fascinates you about your STORCK equipment?

Top bikes, absolutely top class. Superb cycling gear, incredibly durable and comfortable. I can really tell a thing or two about the quality of all the material. And the Storck Bicycle team: super-professional and really friendly. 

What are your major sporting aims for the future?

Many! Deutschland Tour, team participation in Triathlon 70.3, Ötztaler, and other projects billed as 'bike instead of wheelchair.'

What has been your greatest moment in sports so far?

I've had a lot of greatest moments on the bike. Sitting on my bike for the first time again after being diagnosed with MS was an outstanding moment. Plus, the major projects through Canada and Besi & friends.

What was your worst moment in sports?

When I was no longer able to do sports.

Your favorite competition, and why?

I don't have any special preferences. It all depends on the people that are involved.

Your toughest competition, and why?

My ride through Canada in 2013 was tough. In addition to my illness, I was battling against the wind, road conditions,bugs, the climate, loneliness, etc.

Your biking tip for hobby athletes?

Never stop having fun and dont' take things too seriously!

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